Monday, March 11, 2013

BAD BOY - Devi Sri Prasad

Bad Boy is high energtic and a typical DSP catchy number by Suchith Sureshan and Priya Hemesh. Thaka Thayya has funny dailogues exchanged between Santhanam and Karthi, engertic beat and meldious marriage tunes and Karthik's vocals which makes this as the best soundtrack in this album. Okati Classu is another typical DSP number by Mukesh and Priyadarshini and high energy levels in this song makes a foot tapping track. Sound effects in Kidnap Raja suggest a jungle background for the song and DSP's vocals are good. Rayya Rayya is a fast beat number by Javed Ali (yes! the melodious singer started singing fast beat songs too) and Ranina Reddy . Except Thanka Thayya, rest of them are familiar. Though Bad Boy has nothing new to offer but it is an enjoyable fare and a better album than Karthi's previous album, Sakuni!!

SHADOW - SS Thaman

Starts off with a mind blowing song, The Shadow in which Naveen and a female singer did justice to their vocals and lyrics were neat. Everything goes right the music, vocals and lyrics and likely to be a instant chart buster. One having been hearing songs such as Gola Gola from Thaman which makes it an average number though it has Ranjith's and Ramya's vocals. Pilla Manchi Bando Bastu is another routine stuff from the composer with his routine techno despite neat vocals from Rahul and Suchitra.. Naughty Girl is for mass lovers and a typical Thaman song by Geetha Madhuri and Haricharan. Aythalaka has nothing good to mention other than popular childhood rhymes by Vandana in a hilarious manner. Ends with a powerful song, Revenge Of Shadow. Depending on techno beats wont help Thaman to sustain longer periods! A Routine stuff from Thaman!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

BREAK UP - Indus Gharana

Nee Mayalo is slow peaceful song by Saindhavi and will be instantly liked after listening to it once. Ennali Dooram has combination of both telugu and english lyrics and belongs to pop genre by Hemachandra and Amrutha Ravali which is well composed. Vadhili Polene by Mohd Irfan which is well composed sad song. Break Up is a fast paced pop song by Indus Gharana and Naresh Kumaran. Theme is mediocre. Wonderful composition by Indus Gharana!

Sunday, February 10, 2013

3G LOVE - Shekar Chandra

Starts off with Naresh Iyer's vocals in Edho Something which is an impressive song and typical Shekar Chandra's number. Ee Kala Ela is slow song and has Karthik's vocals in it. I Wanna Be With You is another pleasant song by Shekar Chandra. Safety Koncham Kavali is the only song that disappoints you in this album. Search For Love is an enjoyable song which mainly targets youth. The World Is Full Of Love is a soulful song by Dinker which has only English lyrics. This album takes time to grow on you. Terrific effort by Shekar Chandra!

Saturday, February 2, 2013


Arere Arere is a slow soulful song which is wonderfully sung by Nithya Menon and undoubtedly this is the best soundtrack in this album. Allah Allah is an addictive song and Shreya Goshal's vocals are an asset to this number. Meghamala is a mediocre song. Thees Maar Khan is a typical Thaman song. Lakshar Pori is an average mass song. Decent Album from Thaman.


Starts off with an interesting song, Krishnudi Varasulantha by Arijit Singh. Adi Enti Okkasari is a pleasant song with Arijit Singh's whispery vocals. Edu Vaadu Evado Ledu is a catchy and well composed song once again by Arijit Singh which will be instantly liked by rock music lovers. Life Ante is a jazz song by Shefali Alvares. Yo Yo Yo Memu Antha is a situational song which has Nikhil's and Swathi's vocals. Swamy Ra Ra (Reload) is an impressive fast paced song by composer himself. Wondrous Album by debutant.

ONGOLE GITTA - GV Prakash Kumar & Mani Sharma

Yerra Mirapallo has nothing great to mention other than Shankar Mahadevan's vocals. Raa Chilaka is the best soundtrack in this disappointing album which has GV Prakash Kumar's vocals. Chal Challe, sole song by Mani Sharma also falls flat. Yea Pilla is a decent number with Ranjith's vocals. Mama Maraju also fails to impress. A Disappointing Album from talented composers.