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Choosing the best song, best album and the best composer isn't easy. There were many good albums in this year. Below are the songs which i liked this year. I am not a great fan of mass songs. I considered only straight films. Dubbed films weren't considered.



1. Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum (Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum)
This is 9 min song but wonderfully composed by Mani Sharma. It is not easy to compose such songs. Background music was a treat.

2. Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu (Seethamma Vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu)
Mickey J Meyer's best composition till date. Outstanding song. Chitra's vocals uplift the spirit of the song. This is the Best Song of the Year.

3. Nene-Nanine (Eega)
Keeravani-Rajmoulli combo never failed. Nene-Nanine was composed well especially when singers hum arey arey o o. 

4. Oke Oka Jeevitham (Mr. Nookaya)
6 min song and Yuvan composed this slow song fabulously which has meaningful lyrics. Haricharan uplifts the song with his spirited vocals.

5. Ruler (Dhammu)
Keeravani composed this song very well. Top class. Especially the background music when singers sing ruler. Prudhvi Chandra sung this song and kudos to him and Keeravani.

6. Vellipove Vellipove (Mem Vayasuku Vacham)
It has a combination of wonderful lyrics and wonderful composition. Especially the usage of violin in the middle of the song stands out. This song is about Hero's feeling when Heroine leaves him. Sekhar Chandra is really good in giving such songs.Wonderful song.

7. Ko Antey Koti (Ko Antey Koti)
Wonderful composition by debutant Shakthikanth. Heavy metal song though it has some offensive language. This is an experimental song. Credit goes to the composer for composing such songs

8. Yemito (Andala Rakshasi)
This song was well composed by debutant Radhan. Haricharan vocals are impressive. It was a chart buster upon its release.

9. Vela Talukutarale (Routine Love Story)
When Karthik sings such romantic tracks you will surely love it. His vocals are apt for this song. Pleasant background music by Mickey J Meyer. This is a typical Mickey J Meyer's song.

10. Lachhamma (Ishq)
This song went viral in youtube upon its release. It is well composed pop song. This song was a chart buster and a milestone in Anoop Ruben's career.



1. Devi Sri Prasad
DSP doesnt reach our expectation. Gabbar Singh, Julayi, Damarukam, Sarocharu and Mirchi. Though his Gabbar Singh, Julayi and Damarukam were mediocre hits but they were not great. I was disappointed with his compositions. Miss those Bommarillu, Adhurs, Arya days.

2. Thaman
Thaman was off radar this year. Love Failure, Nippu and Naayak were his only releases in this year. Love Failure was a sleeper hit whereas, Nippu was utter non sense and Naayak album was a decent hit. Mixed year for Thaman.
P.S. : Though Businessman was released in 2012, its audio was released on 22 Dec, 2011. Hence, it wasnt considered in 2012 analysis

3. Yuvan Shankar Raja
2 albums were released i.e., Mr.Nookaya and Dhenikaina Ready (looks like he dedicated this year to Manchu's family). Every song was a chart buster in Mr. Nookayya soundtrack. Mr. Nookayya is the best album of 2012 almost covering every genre in this single album. Dhenikaina ready doesn't meet its expectation. Hope he signs many more telugu films in 2013.

4. Anoop Rubens
It has been good year for Anoop Rubens. He was recognized for his work in Poolarangadu, Ishq (along with Aravindh Shankar) and Lovely (looks like he is having a dealing with Aadi). Every album was decent hit and Lachhamma from Ishq went viral on youtube this year. Memorable year for Anoop Rubens. He was in the film industry since 2004 but got recognized in 2011 for Prema Kavali.

5. Mani Sharma
He is a perfect example of 'Form is Temporary but Class is Permanent'. Raccha, Cameraman Ganga Tho Rambabu and Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum. He was off radar since long time until KVJ even though he bagged big projects like Raccha and CGTR. He dissapointed everyone until KVJ but KVJ was CLASSIC. No composer can compose songs like KVJ title song even AR Rahman cant.

6. Mickey J Meyer
This guy known for his pleasant albums. In my view, he is a mood changer. Though he copies from his own tunes, I love his music composition. Life Is Beautiful, Routine Love Story and Seethamma Vaakitlo Sirimalle Chettu were his compositions in 2012. Not even a single album bombed. He is not getting recognized properly though his albums are melodious. SVSC was the biggest project in his career and he lived up to his expectations. He is just restricting himself to melody songs not trying any other genre. He is the best Music Director of 2012. Disappointingly, he didn't sign any project till now after SVSC.

Horrible year for this music director. He is a talented director but very lame.

8. Ilayaraja
After long time, maestro comes back to Tollywood with Yeto Vellipoyindhi Manasu and Gundello Godari. The comeback was good. YVM reached its expectations but GG didnt.

9. GV Prakash Kumar
He composed Endukante Premanta and Ongole Gitta (Looks like he had dealing with Ram this year). Endukante Premanta was a mediocre album.

10. Sunil Kaashyap
This guy has good music sense. He worked under AR Rahman. He was the composer for Vennela 1 1/2 and Naa Style Naadhe. Vennela 1 1/2 was good but Naa Style Naadhe was horrible. This is another composer who is not at all getting recognized for his good composition.
P.S. : Though Ayyare was released on 20th January, 2012 but its album released on 3rd August, 2011. Hence, it wasn't considered in 2012 Analysis.

 11. MM Keeravani
Keeravani had a good time in this year with Dhammu, Eega and Shiridi Sai. Dhammu and Eega songs were chart busters upon release. I would have preferred him as the best composer if SVSC wasn't a huge success.

12. Kalyani Malik
SS Rajmoulli prefers only his elder brother, Keeravani but not him, dont know why. Kalyani is also a talented director. This year he composed Ala Modalaindi and Adhinayakudu. Both were decent. Composing a good album for Balakrishna is not an easy job. He reached his expectations for Adhinayakudu considering Balakrishna as hero. A decent year for Kalayani Malik

13. Joshua Sridar
After Sega, one expects a lot from Joshua. This year's his only composition was Genius. It is good album but not as good as Sega. He is very good composer. Hope he signs few more telugu films.

14. Sekhar Chandra
Had just one album in his hand, Mem Vayasuku Vacham. It is a very good album. Dont know why he is unable to stand in this industry. (Ravi babu's music director)

15. Karthik Raja
Many thought Tuneega Tuneega was a debut album for Karthik Raja in tollywood but it was his second album. Earlier, he composed Akash's Yuganiki Oka Premikudu. Tuneega Tuneega was a good album. All songs were good and Dhigu Dhigu Jabili was fantastic.

16. Raghu Kunche
He was the composer for Devudu Chesina Manushulu which received good reviews from critics. He was a singer earlier so he is expected to bag some projects in 2013.

17. Selvaganesh
This Tamil composer composed Siva Manasulo Shruti. This album wasn't recognized but overall, it was a good album.


1. Radhan (Andala Rakshasi)
Radhan was the first composer to get recognized for his work. Wonderful songs. Yemito was an instant hit upon release. Manasu Pallike was also good sorrow song. He didn't sign any films yet after Andala Rakshasi.

2.Shakthikanth Karthik (Ko Ante Koti)
Songs were great. I didn't expect a new composer to compose such wonderful songs. Bangaru Konda was really really soothing. Normally, new composers wont get recognized but he is getting recognized because of Ko Ante Koti team's publicity. A talented composer deserves to stay in tollywood. He is the best debutant Music Director of 2012.

3. Karthik (Okkadine)
An established singer who turned into a music composer with Okkadine which was a good album. He will surely bag few more films in 2013.

4. J.B (Ee Rojullo, Bus Stop)
Ee Rojullo and Bus Stop were sensational hits though they were small films. He was the composer for both of them (looks like he is having bonding with Maruthi). This composer will surely impress mass audiences with his composition. Personally, I don't like his composition. He might bag biggie as Maruthi next venture is under Allu Arvind's banner, Geetha Arts.


1. Harris Jayaraj
 His last album, Orange was the best romantic album ever in tollywood. This composer gave us a sensational album in 2010 since then he signed only a single Telugu film (might be because he was considered as iron leg in TFI) which is expected to be a bilingual, Brundavanam Lo Nandakumarudu.

2. AR Rahman
 Though his last composition, Puli failed to impress it's audio sales reached a total of 3 lakhs of CDs in the first three days, which was an all-time record in Telugu film history.. This composer doesn't even have time to sign a single Telugu project. Sources say that he also signed a bilingual film like Harris Jayaraj (Not Confirmed yet).

3. Rahul Raj
He is known as the 'hit machine' of  Malayalam film industry. He impressed every one with Oh My Friend which was his first telugu project. Though his album was a hit, he wasn't recognized. He also received Best Debut Music Director for Oh My Friend in Maa Music Awards in 2011.

Thank You for Reading this post and making this blog successful. About 1000 people viewed this Telugu blog which makes me immensely happy. Hope you are satisfied with my reviews. Wish You a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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