Monday, December 17, 2012


Yem Cheddaam is a fast paced song and must be hero’s introduction song sung by Ranjith, Karthik and Sreerama Chandra. Aaraduguluntada song describes about one of the hero's (might be Mahesh Babu) which is well sung by Kalyani. The title song, Seethamma Vakitlo is AMAZING with meaningful lyrics and Chitra's voice takes this song to another level which is surely a chart buster. Inka Cheppale is a romantic duet which has Rahul Nambair's and soulful Shweta Pandit's vocals. Mari Antaga is the only solo male song which is wonderfully sung by Sreerama Chandra and it is composed completely in Mickey's style (You will like it instantaneously if you are a Mickey's fan). Another chart buster. Vaana Chinukula, a peppy duet song by Karthik (such songs are cake walk for him) and Anjana Sowmya. Finally, the album ends with wonderful wedding song, Meghaalo which has Karthik's and Sreerama Chandra's vocals. A Mickey J Meyer's Magical Composition. AN ALBUM TO REMEMBER!

"I spent many sleepless nights to compose SVSC songs" -
Mickey J Meyer
"SVSC is a Masterpiece album" - Mahesh Babu
"I always love Mickey's songs, he is on the top of my playlists after AR Rahman" - SS Thaman

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