Tuesday, December 18, 2012

NAAYAK - SS Thaman

Starts off with a fast paced energetic song, Laila O Laila by Haricharan and Rahul Nambiar but has unnecessary Hindi lyrics. Kathi Lanti Pilla by Thaman himself and Shefali Alvaris which has Thaman's template all over it. Subhalekha Raaskunna is a remix of Ilayaraja's song in Kondaveeti Donga. Shreya Goshal does a decent job but Haricharan's vocals lets the song down. Oka Choopuke Padipoya by Vijay Prakash and Bindu Mahima which is an average number. Nellorae is mass song by Jaspreet Jasz and Suchitra which is a predictable song but enjoyable and also well composed. One expects Hey Naayak to be a powerful song because of its subtitle 'The Leader' but it is peppy and rustic. A Satisfying album for Ram Charan's fans.

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