Wednesday, December 5, 2012

CHAMMAK CHALLO - Kiran Varnasi

Boom Boom is a fast beat song which is well composed. Simplega Cheppala is a mediocre melody song. Chandamamapai stands out, it is an interesting song, well composed and Sri Krishna vocals uplift the song. Composer tried to compose Yedo Maikam differently but doesnt impress you. O Meri Mehabooba is an enjoyable song and Varun Sandesh vocals suit the song. It would have been a nice song if beats were avoided avoided in Naa Kallalona. Katrina is a fast paced song and Hemachandra sings well. Naalone has sad lyrics and could have been better if it was a sorrow song. It would have been a better album if the composer, Kiran Varnasi had placed a silent romantic song and avoided beats in some songs (too much drums work) but overall it is a decent album

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