Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Yevuraina about elephant care takers (hero's introduction) and it is an average number. Kanne Sogasulu is a mediocre song but well sung by Naresh Iyer  Ayayayoo Aanandhamey is melody song sung by Haricharan. Cheppinaadhey Thana Premani is a wonderful romantic song, very well composed and Chinmayi's and Ranjith's vocals are biggest asset. Soi Soi is a fast paced folk song and Magizhini Manimaaran's vocals are perfect. Nu Eppude Pilla is well composed with vocals of Alphons Joseph. Violin is well utilized in A Lady And The Violin and Shwetha Mohan's vocals are impressive. Except for Yevuraina, rest all songs are good especially Cheppinaadhey Thana Premani. Overall, it is a good album

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