Sunday, December 2, 2012

GENIUS - Joshua Sridar

Chirigina Notu has wonderful beats and Benny Dayal takes this song to another level with his vocals. Yevevo Kalale has a wonderful tune and Shweta Mohan's vocals are another asset. Ambani Alludaina is well composed and has good lyrics. Yedada Yedada has bad composition which doesnt impress you at all. Ye Naavu Vennakala has meaningful lyrics and Shankar Mahadevan sings well but has a same tune like Ambani Alludaina. Allah Nesthama is a sorrow song and Kailash Kher vocals are absurd and spoils this song. Dibiri Dibiri is an energetic item song sung by Priya Himesh (looks like Ringa Ringa singer confined only to sing item songs). Om Om Haraha is fast paced song, Haricharan uplifts the song with his spirited vocals and Joshua Sridar composes well. This is undoubtedly a good album from Joshua Sridar but not as good as Sega.

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