Sunday, December 2, 2012


Yedhi Yedhi is a slow song and it is good to hear. Koti Koti is an enjoyable song and Karthik impresses you with his vocals. Atu Itu is a rock song and Sunidhi Chauhan uplifts the spirit of the song. Ilayaraja himself sung Laayi Laayi which is a melody song  takes you to the 90's feel. Naachaledhu Maava starts of well with fast beats but disappoints you at the later stages as it turns into folk song. Yenthentha Dhooram has a beautiful instrumentization and Karthik's vocals elevate the song. Ardhamayyindhinte Inthena must be the song during Nani's frustation regarding Samantha. Inthakaalam is a slow paced, soft song and looks like a situational song. This album impresses you only on repeated listening, it is a slow poison.

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